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Low-Water Landscape

One of the best ways to balance the water budget for landscape use is through the use of drought-tolerant plants.

Xeriscape, Drought-Tolerant Plants, Low-Water Landscape, Austin TXA common myth is that xeriscape means no landscape or the use of cacti and succulents. Instead, the Austin climate offers a variety of choices for those who want a xeriscape design. xeriscape involves using native plants and materials to maximize the natural flow of the land. It often means using more mulched beds of trees, shrubs, and perennials, and less grass and turf in a design.

Another important aspect of xeriscaping is using porous paving materials on walkways and patios instead of cement or hard surfaces. Also, trees should be planted in their natural surroundings and away from walkways or pool areas to avoid excessive acorns or leaves that have to be cleaned.

Irrigation sprinkler systems are usually incorporated into xeriscape designs to avoid over watering and erosion. The goal is to create a sustainable environments for both commercial and residential green space. Using xeriscape and ecological horticulture in our landscape designs, we use ecologically sustainable techniques to improve plant life and conserve water.